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a tale of night kite-flying

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Aug. 26th, 2006 | 12:42 am
posted by: adieu___ in go_fly

Sometime in early April of this year, I couldn't sleep because of howling winds. I tossed and turned, but could not get to sleep. I looked across the room and saw my brand new kite, assembled and ready to fly. I hesitated a moment, wondering if I'd be able to stay awake in class the next day if I did what I was about to do. Finally, I threw caution to the wind (BAD PUN), grabbed my kite, and went outside. A full moon cast light about as I unwound some string from the spool of my colorful flying apparatus. The night breeze was so strong that I didn't even have to run to get the kite aloft. I felt some resistance and fed the kite some more line. I couldn't believe it - I was really doing this.
After fifteen minutes or so, I was satisfied. I rewound the line, went back inside and quickly fell asleep.

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